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Military Auto Financing in Temple Hills MD

Military Auto Financing in Temple Hills, MD

Who would have thought that being in the armed forces could also have a downside? Unfortunately, this is the case with car loans. If you have been looking for military auto financing in Temple Hills, MD, you will know what we mean.


People with a checkered credit history with divorces, repossessions, mortgage, bankruptcy, etc find it difficult to land car loans. Service personnel are not exempt to this. However, with military service on your resume, you do get certain offers like discounted rates and cash-back rebate. This is a blessing, considering that even one percent decrease in the interest rate minimizes the pressure of the monthly installment. But on the other hand, you may have given insufficient attention to bills and past loans due to constant deployment and address changes. Just one late payment here or an unattended small bill there decreases your credit score significantly. This makes future creditors trust you a little less with military auto financing in Temple Hills, MD. In fact, even veterans of the armed forces face such issues, with regards to their present income, stipend or pension.

But, we at Auto Giants have the solution. We have a complete finance department dedicated to researching options suited to your credit score. We then offer you various routes like communication tools, forums, shopping services, search services and lenders. We do not question your past indiscretions, just look at your current repayment potential. This ensures quick loan approval with an affordable interest rate on military auto financing in Temple Hills, MD, so that you can meet your monthly installments without fail. Making timely payments on an auto loan will help your credit score, which will see an upward graph within the first six months or so. But remember, there is absolutely no pressure to take an offer just so that we can close a sale.


Once you have zeroed in on the deal you want, just leave the nitty-gritty to our finance team. You, on the other hand, can browse through our vast collection of high-end, pre-owned cars. With the help of our sales staff, test drive any number of them before you take your pick. Trust us, our line-up of quality used cars are second-to-none. And once you have driven away in your own car, pick-up, van or SUV, you can drive back in anytime to avail of our efficient service department.


So, if you are in the Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy or Coast Guard and are looking for military auto financing in Temple Hills, MD, get in touch with us. We are conveniently located at 4600 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, MD 20748. We would be honored to serve our nation’s servicemen.

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